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Esterhuizen Wedding

Esterhuizen Wedding @ Railways Cafe

A wedding of two amazing people, Cliff and Olivia Esterhuizen, took place on the 2nd of December 2017 at an awesome venue…. Railways Cafe.  I am writing this blog as both Sister of the Bride, Wedding Organiser and photographer

So let’s start at the beginning, the Venue.  If you Google Railways Cafe you get greeted with the line..

Live Music Venue, You don’t want to miss out on

It is one of the most interesting venues/restaurants I’ve been at.  You walk in and you are in a different dimension and I love that.  So how did such an original restaurant stand up as a Wedding Venue?  AMAZING!!! With the help of TJ and his staff it was such a breeze.

The decor was all hand made on the tables and the room of the wedding had couches, tables and chairs.  Nothing really matched and there were chairs and suitcases hanging from the ceiling ……. and I loved it!!!


The couple was original to start off with.  They were confident and absolutely amazing people with a sense of style all to themselves and the venue just highlighted it.  Look this couple was amazing to work with from day one.

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